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The Trip Journal

The Trip Journal

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A whole new generation is waking up to the power and potential of psychedelic medicine and altered states of consciousness. Whether you’re an experienced psychedelic explorer or just curious, The Trip Journal is an easy-to-use guide to help those working with psychedelic practices through their journey.

While there are many books about psychedelics out there, they are often dense, overly scientific, and don’t provide practical advice on how to make the most of your experiences. That’s why The Trip Journal was created. Being intentional, informed, and confident about the journey you embark on will help make your experiences positive ones.

The Trip Journal will help prepare you for your consciousness-expanding experiences – whether with psychedelic medicines, breathwork, meditation or yoga – and then, most importantly, integrate them into your life so you can give power to those experiences.

Created by the founders of Field Trip Health Ltd., a premiere public psychedelics company, this guide not only teaches what comprises a psychedelic experience but the research behind the practice. You will receive preparation tips, advice, journal prompts, a psychedelic trip checklist, a trip report section, and everything else you need to process, track, and understand your experiences.

With room to cover ten sessions, this journal safely and effectively helps you to record your trips by breaking the experience into three sections- before, during, and after. Each section also encourages you, by way of carefully crafted prompts based on the latest science and clinical experience, to reflect on your experience at each stage of the journey.

About the Author

Ronan Levy is a lawyer-turned-entrepreneur and visionary with a penchant for questioning paradigms and convention, and in their place seeking truth and impact. A husband, father of two boys, and repeated executive and founder of leading companies in the cannabis and psychedelic industries—including Trait Biosciences, Aurora Cannabis Inc, and now Field Trip Health Ltd—Ronan’s ten-plus-year internal growth journey has been paramount in staying centered and balanced while executing on a groundbreaking vision to change the landscape of mental health. From this journey, one lesson he’s internalized is the beauty in seeing life through fresh eyes, like that of a curious child, and he hopes to extend that lens to all and bring the world to life through Field Trip Health’s psychedelic therapies and technology.

Kori Harrison is a lifelong learner, technologist, investor, and writer. From corporate consulting in DC to building technology startups in Silicon Valley, her mental health and journeys inward weren’t a priority for many years. A disciplined soul with an incessant craving for progress, she found consciousness-expanding practices at a time when softening and reframing narratives were especially needed. The improved well-being and self-discoveries she experienced with this work inspired a mission to help others find the same. This brought her to Field Trip, where Kori is now Head of Product leading Field Trip’s digital strategy to scaling psychedelic therapies globally. To learn more about her personal journey, visit koriharrison. com

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Publication Date: July 26th, 2022
ISBN: 9781955858083
Trim Size: 5x7
Page Count: 256
Case Laminate Hardcover
4-Color Interior
Creme Paper

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